Deputy President William Ruto in Nakuru at the burial of Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei. PHOTO | FILE
Deputy President William Ruto in Nakuru at the burial of Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei. PHOTO | FILE

Speaking at Kenei's funeral in Chamasis, Nakuru, on Saturday, Deputy President William Ruto said his derogators planned the meeting at his office over the fake Sh39 billion arms tender deal.

"I am aware there is a scheme orchestrated to demean my office and ensure I do not get anywhere," the DP told mourners.

"Those executing the scheme to undermine my office to stop me may have the system, but we have God."

Deputy President William Ruto has said his political opponents should not target the innocent. He was relating to Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei's death, whose body was found in his home on February 20.

Ruto urged Kinoti to get to the truth of the murder and leave out politics in the investigations.

"For political reasons, the DCI is being used to undermine my office ... saying Ruto will not be there in 2022."

He criticized the attention given to the Office of the Deputy President, and not the individuals involved in the scheme.

"Kill me if you want, but I will not back down over the schemes and threats. I'm ready for it," Ruto stated.

" My office has no connection with the Department of Defence. There is no deputy commander in chief in Kenya, "

" If you want to deal with me politically. Deal with me directly. Do not kill my relatives. Keep off from my family. Those who murdered this young man will not have peace. Some people try to taint my name for political gains, "

" The DCI has been mobilised, for political reasons, to discredit & destroy my office with all manner NONSENSE and to bring me down. Those in this scheme are boasting that I will not be there soon. Since the system cannot elect anybody, they can only kill. But there is GOD in heaven, "

" Some have told me that I will not reach 2022 and they are still walking freely. DCI George Kinoti, do your work. Do not get into politics. Kill me now, do not target my family. My wife Racheal Ruto sorry for the loss of your brother and my dad your son. His blood will not bring peace to the murderers, "

" The DCI is directed to fight me politically. Fight me only, keep away from my family. The only thing that can piss me off is starting integrating and dragging my family to politics, "

" Those fake generals are still walking free. The DCI is only in my office. I'm the deputy president of the Republic of Kenya and I'm speaking head straight. We have God and we believe in him. I'm told those people have the system. That system will not fight me. You are moving around the matter with CCTV footage bla bla bla. I need to know who killed my relative. That's it, " he added.



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  1. Why killings in kenya???We have a God who is watching over and will repay


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