king of soukous Aurlus Mabele
king of soukous Aurlus Mabele

The Congolese musician and king of soukous Aurlus Mabele, who had been battling cancer, succumbed to the deadly Covid-19 on March 19 and died. He was 67 years old and lived in Paris, France.

Confirming the news to the public on Facebook, his daughter, Liza Bonet said she is devastated by the news and is inconsolable. She also thanked her father's fans for the support they have shown her father over the years.

Mr Aurlus Mabele was born Aurélien Miatsonama in 1953 in Brazzaville in the Poto-Poto district of the Republic of Congo. He was known for creating the soukous genre of music, earning him the moniker, King of Soukous.

In 1974, he formed a music group Les Ndimbola Lokole with friends such as Jean Baron, Pedro Wapechkado and Mav Cacharel. In 1986, he partnered with Mav Cacharel and Diblo Dibala to form Loketo, which went to create hits over hits, including Extra Ball, Embargo and Liste Rouge.

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