Peoples' Dialogue Forum in Nairobi. PHOTO | CMDK
Peoples' Dialogue Forum in Nairobi. PHOTO | CMDK

The Centre for Multiparty Democracy Kenya(CMDK) has established a peoples' dialogue platform(PDF) that promotes the institutionalization of vibrant political parties capable of enhancing multiparty democracy in Kenya.

 The People Dialogue forum(PDF) has brought together people from different levels.

Political parties are engines for political participation by ordinary citizens. If parties have well-established structures, supporters can engage meaningfully in civic dialogue.

 Women and youths must be given equal opportunities in terms of leadership in this country without being discriminated. Resources must be put in place to propel this group of individuals in fighting for justice.

 " Women have the numbers, it is the capacity to make decisions that they are deficient on, and this can be seen in all aspects of their life decisions including among themselves, not just in governance and politics. Another debate altogether, " Hon. Milly Odhiambo said.

‘’The youth should take the first step and join political parties and be registered as members not merely supporters. There is a difference in law and action.’’ "If we put young people on the periphery for too long, they are bound to revolt.

They must be included in all the decision making processes," said Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana at People Dialogue Forum.

 "It is a stale idea to imagine that only older people can take our country forward. Young people have numbers, are creative, innovative and endowed with fresh ideas. They should take advantage of these aspects to advance their agenda" he added.

 " Nominations in political parties depend on who you know and how heavy your pocket weighs. How will the youth get a chance to represent themselves?" Adera Betty asked.

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