Chinese President Xi Jinping visit Wuhan Provence since the Coronavirus outbreak. PHOTO | Xihua Media
Chinese President Xi Jinping visit Wuhan Provence since the Coronavirus outbreak. PHOTO | Xihua Media

No new case of coronavirus(COVID-19) in China. China has strangled the virus through serious government mitigative measures. The Chinese government says they have fought two calamities at the same time.

" We had desert Locusts and coronavirus. We have overcome all. We have no new cases of Covid-19 in China. We are releasing people from our hospitals. They have recovered and in the next two weeks we will have no single case of coronavirus even in the hospitals, " Chinese President Xi Jinping said when he visited Wuhan province after the coronavirus pandemic.

" We have already closed one bigger hospital because there are no patients. We are looking forward to closing another hospital this week because it has less than 100 patients. We are working on helping countries in Asia like Japan, Iran, India and European countries, " President Xi said.

The Chinese President Xi Jinping said he now directing his focus to Europe as they have failed to combat the virus. Already 1 Billion face masks and gloves have been shipped to Europe to be distributed to people as first countermeasures against the virus.

China has closed its airports saying the coronavirus may be imported once more. The milestone China has taken cannot be revised. According to CNN, the move was made in order to safeguard and recoup from the country serious losses and boost the dead businesses.

The move comes after the United States hit by the calamity. White House has given $1 Trillion relief package to all health departments to fight against the coronavirus.

The Donald Trump administration is crediting every American with $1000 to help in basic needs as the government fights the virus. The numbers of the people who were infected by the virus in the last 5 days have been tripped to 9000 and deaths increased to 149. 45 Per cent increase in five days.

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