Prof. Makau Mutua with Raila Odinga
Prof. Makau Mutua with Raila Odinga

Prof. Makau Mutua mocks President directive of having a national prayer day on 21st March. Prof Mutua cites science is better than God.  Kenyans online refuse his philanthropic advice saying Kenya is a country that believes in God. It is either a Muslims or a Christian.

PRAYERS won’t help Kenya combat the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s stop this superstition and return to science. This PRIMORDIALISM and NAÏVETÉ could WIPE us off the face of the map.

" Is there anything wrong with the integration of prayers and science? Our Kamba people are going to Kwausya mamanye muimu uu wiitwa ata...Libations are being poured to ask ancestors to intercede and save us. Let’s use all scientific and religious arrows in our quiver, " said Former CJ Willy Mutunga.

" Remember how Maji Maji rebellion ended -- Kinjikitile Ngwale's "dawa" didn't turn German bullets to water. There are no recorded evidence prayers ever defeated an enemy or a killer virus. Besides, people will GATHER in crowds to pray and infect each other. Let's tell the truth, " re-iterated Prof Makau Mutua.

" Science is a creation of God too. It is Him who provides the knowledge that has been key for all inventions. Prayer is very necessary, only God can save us not man, "

" A good number of scientists are in self-quarantine yet they have the knowledge and skills of tackling the viruses. Science is not well improved in our continent and we should learn from this and create more research centres to create more jobs. But in everything involve God," Mr David Lemein posted.

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