CS Mutahi Kagwe . PHOTO | NMG
CS Mutahi Kagwe . PHOTO | NMG

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe angrily directed everyone to follow simple rules to avoid going the Italy way.  The number of positive cases has increased to 15 in the last 72 hours. On Friday last week, the number was 7.

" We continue to monitor the 7 initial patients who are stable. In the last 72 hours, we have received confirmation of another 8 cases who have tested positive for Coronavirus bringing the number to 15. 5 are Kenyans, 2 are French and 1 Mexican, " the CS Mutahi Kagwe said.

"We have noticed that the majority of our people have continued to ignore our measures, continuing as if it is business as usual. We must treat this matter with the seriousness it deserves, "

Church, Funerals, Mosques, weddings and other gathering banned.

All International passengers flights cancelled from Midnight on Wednesday.

" Social gathering is like committing suicide. This is not a joke. Coronavirus has killed more than 700 people in Italy only in 24 hours, " he added.

" Stay at home if you are not doing anything in Kiosk, Town or even at a Duka. All bars closed indefinitely from midnight; restaurants to remain open but only takeaways to be allowed Health CS Mutahi Kagwe says, "

" As you speak to your colleague. You don't know who is sick.  Your colleague may be sick, "

"All persons who violate the self-quarantine requirement will be forcefully quarantined at their cost and thereafter arrested and charged. This will apply to a senior government official in Kilifi who refused to self-quarantine, "

" All international flights are suspended effective Wed 25 midnight except cargo flights. Those coming into the country between now and Wednesday will undergo quarantine at their cost at a government facility. Countries wishing to evacuate nationals must do so within this period, "

Interior PS Karanja Kibicho added that government administrators to enforce the directives or they will lose their jobs.

" If a church or mosque is conducting services and illegal gatherings, we will take action against the administrators, " PS added.

" All PSVs must adhere to the directive issued on Friday failure to which the respective Sacco licenses will be revoked. Police IG to enforce this directive, " CS Kagwe added.

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