The CEO Peter Wangai of Goldenscape greenhoise Limited.
The CEO Peter Wangai of Goldenscape greenhouse Limited.

Goldenscape hasn't paid its investors since November 2019, and they have disappeared. Several investors have been hunting Peter Wangai, who is the CEO, their efforts have been in vain.

When Goldenscape commenced their operations, they promised that if you invest Ksh.320,000, you will get Ksh.550,000 in 6 months. This technique made the deal too sweet to turn down.

 Now, Goldenscape has closed its doors. The CEO Peter Wangai has switched off his phone, and no one in their offices. One of the investors has been pushing to get his money. His plea has never heard since there is no communication.

 He has reported the matter to the DCI because his money was due in January. The secretary said he has to wait until Feb 29th. It's now in March and still waiting. To his shock, they are giving him a new contract with totally different terms.

 Citizen TV which has been in the first line to advertise their conning deals, they made an effort to visit their offices in Kimathi Street in Nairobi. The offices were locked while investors were demanding their payments outside.

Remember the majority of people trust Television adverts, assuming that the companies they advertise are legit. When the deal is too good, think twice. Never be too quick to accept investment from startup companies that have NOT been in operation for long, especially when dealing with a lot of cash.

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