Msambweni referral hospital in Kwale County
Msambweni referral hospital in Kwale County

Kwale county suspects two cases of COVID-19. Afrikan Pearl Hotel received guests from Paris, France among them two guests exhibited COVID-19 symptoms.

They showed the symptoms of COVID-19 that forced the attendant to call emergency numbers for the suspected case. 

Here is the Post from the County government of Kwale. 

KWALE COUNTY, MSABWENI SUB COUNTY TPU  DIANI. DATE.21/03/2020 SUBJECT: CONFIRMED CORONA CASE: Ref my OB 50/21/03/2020, It has been reported by Mr. Kelvin M.O.H Musambweni sub-county hospital mobile number 0724875579 that he was called for the emergency case at Afrikan pearl hotel within Diani map Ref 628628 on two guests namely Legree Divergent Isabella of passport number 19DK12957, age 55yrs and  Facetime Patrick Rowland Raul passport number  13AK77739 aged 57 yrs both French national who arrived on 14th March  2020 and expected to depart on 21st March 2020.

They have confirmed the positive of coronavirus covid 19 today 21st March  2020 at the facility and placed in isolation. The hotel had a total of 9 in-house guests and 36 staff members. scene visited and all staff and guests quarantined at the hotel awaiting medical brief.

It's not yet confirmed by the National government.

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