Coronavirus woman speaks out.
Coronavirus woman speaks out.

It is now clear that the government announced the coronavirus case to get United Nations USD 1 Billion. Reports also reveal that the last Building Bridges Initiative rally that was to held in Nakuru was canceled because of the state of the county.

After the Kabarnet demonstrations, the government security agencies came up with a plan to call-off the rally. The only way to neutralize the situation was to bring in Coronavirus case. The only way the government and the " Deep State" could do was to divert the Kenyans attention.

" We came up with a plan to neutralize the DP Ruto allied legislatures and supporters.  But there is no coronavirus in Kenya, " a member of the security agencies revealed.

Another plan was to make sells on Coronavirus face masks. Because the government banned the export of face-masks, the cartels in the health sector proposed a way of making money.

" The coronavirus case has major benefits to the country. Sh 1 Billion from UN, increased face-masks sells, increased malls or supermarkets business and improving the Kenyan economy, " the anonymous member said.

" Neither the CS or PS in the Ministry of health have witnessed, seen or even talked to the affected person, " the member added.

The cartels that are running the businesses in Kenya stage-managed a scene that could improve their business in a short time as well diverting BBI attention.

A woman(Jenniffer) from Kitale who is accused of having Coronavirus COVID-19 has spoken out in a viral video, responding to claims that she was infected.

"Stop sharing all the propaganda. We don't have any Coronavirus. I recently travelled to Kitale. I did not use public transport, I used a private jet, " Jennifer said.

"All the time I was in Kenya, we used my father's vehicle. We also went to Keiyo, Eldoret and flew back to Nairobi. We were screened on our arrival and tested and we are good. We love you all," the woman clarified, "

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