Laikipia Women Rep. Cate Waruguru
Laikipia Women Rep. Hon Cate Waruguru

Laikipia Women representative Cate Waruguru, Hon. Kimani Ichungwa and Nairobi women roast ODM leader Raila Odinga, the Deep State and ProBBI members.

Hon Cate Waruguru claimed that Mr Odinga is corrupt too. She dared his team to stop intimidation and threats or will be forced to expose the rot in his team, himself and the Jaramogi Odinga family.

" We have facts and information about Raila Odinga. If his team will not stop, we will name whatever he has grabbed. We are going to start from the Kenya Defense Forces land and the Kenya Railways Land, " she said.

Kikuyu MP Hon Kimani Ichungwa on another occasion seconded Hon. Waruguru.

" I can confirm you are not a mad person, Mr deputy President if anything happens to you that will be the end of Kenya. They succeeded in killing JM Kariuki for saying the truth. Now, let them dare. We will stop everything. If someone says you will not see 2022 and they are walking freely, let them try, " Kimani Ichungwa said.

Women in Nairobi directed Raila Odinga to shun away from the failed and politically rejected BBI supporters. They vowed to take down the whole process in Nairobi if the said politicians are being involved.

" We have our MPs and they are not included in those BBI rallies. Let Nairobi edition have a change. We will destroy your BBI. You use those rejects to intimidated the elected ones. That will be the end of BBI if you continue using them, " the women added.

Kikuyu Mp Kimani Ichungwa with Deputy President William Ruto

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