Nairobi church photo
Nairobi church photo

Chaos broke up last Sunday at a church in Nairobi after the pastors' wife stormed a service, stabbed a choir member for having an illicit affair with her husband.

The pastor’s wife, shouting at the top of her voice, accused the female choir member, in her 20s, of breaking up her marriage with the man of God.

The wife, however, took the public address system and condemned the female choir members for playing hide seek love games with her husband.

She said the pastor had been spending nights in the faithful’s house under the guise of exorcising evil spirits from her.

It is alleged that some of his female choir members aborted pregnancies from the said pastor. They got the pregnancies through weekdays prayers and night prayers in the church.

The fracas came after the pastors wifes' sister visited the church to see the man of God at around 8.00 PM where she got an emergency. Upon reaching the church, she had heard him praying but with a female voice under, moaning.

" I opened the front door slowly after the strange voice. I found the Pastor seated, the lady spread her legs on his waist. The trouser and the underwears were down. The Pastor was praying very loud as she moans at the background slowly, "  the pastors' wife sister said.

Nairobi church

" I was confused. But at first, I thought it was my sister. I took several steps backward and called my sister. She said she was at home. I didn't say anything. After they said Amen I knew they were through, so I walked in. I talked to him about my emergency but could not help. So I went to see my sister, "  she added.

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