Kenya Union of Clinical Officers in Nairobi
Kenya Union of Clinical Officers in Nairobi

Supermarkets have been flocked with customers buying Sanitizers and Tissue Papers. Supermarkets across the country are short of the basic commodities. Only a few have staffed their houses as others miss.

Clinicians, for instance, have cautioned the public against the purchase and use of face masks without advice from a health worker.

“The public must realise that stockpiling sanitisers and masks at home while denying their neighbours of the same defeats the purpose as prevention is more communal as much as it is personal,” Kenya Union of Clinical Officers secretary-general George Gibore said yesterday.

" When Kenyans will fail to follow the simple hygienic policies, then in the next ten days, the government may impose total lockdown(Disease outbreak curfew), " he added.

“If you had bought 20 sanitisers, share with your neighbours because even if you sanitise and your neighbours don’t and they get infected, you will not be spared,” Gibore noted.

Clinicians also termed as unreasonable to sanitise your hands before boarding a matatu, only to support yourself on the door rails as you enter.

“We still have hawkers who are unprotected yet are selling sweets to the public. Some even don’t believe that the virus exists. It is high time the public adheres to the directives given by the Health ministry with the seriousness they deserve,” Gibore added.

“The public must appreciate that they have the greatest role to play in slowing the spread of the virus by observing cough etiquette, avoiding crowding, and being ambassadors of ensuring everyone abides by the rules,” KUCO chairman Peterson Wachira said.

“The biggest problem with Covid-19 is not that it will kill because we have a lot of people surviving, but because its infection speed is very high,” Wachira noted.

“We have to learn from Italy. A country that we are supposed to emulate because of their health systems is slowing going down because of Covid-19.”

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