Some of Retirees which the Government gave them plumb state jobs.
Some of Retirees which the Government gave them plumb state jobs.

CS Mutahi Kagwes' half of his speech was about youths in Markets, Matatus, Bodabodas, Football teams among other fields where youths gather. He urged youths to work with security officials in the fight against Coronavirus.


He says youths must be in the frontline in the fight against Coronavirus because they are the majority.

"It is you who will face your children with no job and a collapsed economy" - CS Mutahi Kagwe appeals to the youth to be part of the solution in the fight against COVID-19.

Kenyans took to the media after the Government appointed former Vice President Moody Awori to oversight board to manage the Sports, Art and Social Development Fund.

But his speech did not go well to the youths who are Jobless and urged to Volunteer. Below are some Comments.

"I have no issue with volunteering as a youth. The problem is that you only call on the youth when you want to use them either for your own political reasons or for other reasons known for you. Kazi zikitokea badala vijana wapewe ni hawa wazee mnataka tu protect ndo mnapea. I REFUSE TO VOLUNTEER, " Imbay Linny said

"Our graduated youths should group themselves & volunteer to clean markets & streets as our employed,moneyed elders should be left alone to qualintine peacefully, " samson Ngengi said.


" Am 28 years old mi si youth hapa Kenya coz in our country the term youth belongs to people of the age between 50-90years na mm sijafika hio age....the likes of moody awuori,maina kamanda,ole kaparo,etc shud volunteer since they are the strong youths we currently have, " says Joseph Mbuka.

" At this given time I don't thinks it's the youth who should worry but the so called middle class, rich and wealthy. Imagine when people get to do anything in order to find food. Which homes do you think they will break into first, " Raymond Stephens said.

" Suddenly the youth have become important... We are going to ignore CS Kagwe, when gvmnt appointments are done all slots goes to retirees.... Its know evidently clear that this govmnt has nothing to offer, " said Toddy Macheda.


" MoH briefing- you have heard where the youth belong in Kenya- boda boda, market youth leaders, volunteers, tuktuk and football. Figh Corona in our markets, save the old but eating money is reserved for the old, " said Tall Lovely.


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  1. Is so sad that mutai kagwe think that we young youths should be exposed to this pandemic by the name of volunteering yet real youths like moody awuori are enjoying himself in stay home stay safe. We our leaders like awuraw to lead by example. Am not bording viva


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