Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru at her residential place.
Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru at her residential place.

Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru on hot soup after rewarding herself Millions in terms of ghost trips and fake tenders. Some of the MCAs planned to impeach her because of the rot in the county.

Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru exposed to the corruption at the helm if his Kirinyaga gubernatorial seat. The Governor used her office to improperly benefit herself when she was irregularly paid allowances amounting to Ksh 10,634,614/- yet she did not travel.

The amounts were paid as follows;

  • 8th June 2018- Sh 165,375
  • 18th June 2018- Sh 1,601,767
  • 6th Sept 2018 - Sh 300,000
  • 23rd Oct 2018 - Sh 1,107,364
  • 29th Oct 2018- Sh 43,800
  • 18th Feb 2019- Sh 989,961
  • 14th June 2019- Sh 455,000
  • 13th June 2019- Sh 2,600,297
  • 23rd Aug 2019- Sh 1,001,910
  • 8th Jan 2020- Sh 943, 700
  • 15th Jan 2020 - Sh 300,000
  • 25th Feb 2020- 1,125,440

However, the above amounts were invoiced and paid out on the same day. The amount of Ksh 10,634,614 was paid to the Governor's account in the name of Anne Mumbi Waiguru Account No. 180290174860 held at Equity bank.

Tender No. CGK/ ICT/OT/047-2017-2018. This tender was awarded to Velocity Partners Limited a company that did not exist (would later be registered under her son) as of the time the tender was being advertised for tendering and thus fictitious company.

Moreover, the ten, der for the design, development, installation and commissioning of integrated hospital management information systems had been completed by the previous county government. Nevertheless, the tender was readvertised and awarded to velocity partners limited at a cost of Ksh. 50,691,565 and the same was paid despite there being no work done.

The contract signed between the county government of Kirinyaga amounts to Sh 50, 691,565 an indication that the said contract was intended to siphon public funds through corrupt and fraudulent scheme overseen by the governor.

The said velocity partners limited was paid as follows:

  1. Vide invoice dated 9th August 2018 - amount invoiced to Ksh 30, 643,575 was paid on the same day of the invoice
  2. Vide invoice dated 11th December 2018- amount invoiced is Ksh 6,000,000 paid on the same day of the invoice.
  3.  Vide an invoice dated 22nd January 2019- the amount the invoiced is Ksh. 8,607,300 paid on the same day of the invoice
  4. Vide an invoice dated 24th January - amount invoiced is Ksh. 5,440, 6 90 paid on the same day same was invoiced.

This amount (50,691,565) was paid to 1036020022262 held at Sidian bank. How the amounts were invoiced and paid out to velocity partners limited is evidence of the criminal enterprise headed by the governor intended to defraud the county through a skewed tendering process.

The Members of the County Assembly want to impeach the Governor but because of Coronavirus, the move was suspended until the situation in the country is resolved.

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