Kilifi MCAs; food is not enough, people to look for other ways to feed themselves.
Kilifi MCAs; food is not enough, people to look for other ways to feed themselves.

Kilifi county nominated MCA fries himself after abusing people on a public platform. The public condemned the nominated MCA saying he lacks public ethics. The Kilifi county government has been on the spot over delayed naval virus preparedness.

" Effects of nominating immature MCA in Kilifi County. How can a Nominated MCA, Hon Dickson Shabaan abuse people on a public platform where Community and Government leaders are in? " Some residents posted their anger on the nominated leaders' ethics.

The accusations come after Kilifi County MCAs saying there is no enough food to feed million-plus residents. The available food can only feed 45,000 families.

" It is true that Kilifi County led by Governor Amason Kingi has put in place comprehensive plans to distribute Food to Kilifi Children to help them through this difficult time of the Corona disaster, " a statement from the MCAs reads.

" However the food is very little, it is like a drop of water in the ocean. Kilifi has more than one million people but the Food available is only for 45,000 families and could only last for a week, "

"Residents should continue to look for alternative ways to earn their living, " the county assembly urged the residents.

The County Government of Kilifi set aside sh 75 Million for Coronavirus pandemic fight. The funds were used in setting up isolation centres, upgrading the county hospitals, Sensitization, procuring sanitizers and facemasks.

However, the county government is looking forward to setting aside Sh 220 Million more on the fight against the naval virus.


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  1. Let the kilifi County govermentthem think of the so many poor families and vulnerable aged people living in isolation and abandoned by their families alleged to practice withcraft.

  2. The MCA have apologize concern what happened.


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