Popular Comedia Mulamwah with Fridah

Online trolling has led to a popular comedian Mulamwah to end his outstanding comedy. There has been an online fight between Fridah and Mulamwah over domestic workups.

The Domestic tussle escalated to Social media where Fridah alleged trolled on Mulamwah for weeks until she kicked him out of the comedy.

However, Today it has been the reverse. After Mulamwah found out the truth about Fridah, he re-trolled until kicked Fridah out of Social Media.

Fridah,  and her Friend Mj have deactivated their handles over trolling from Mulamwah. He as well threatened Fridah that it will end in tears.

"Mulamwah doesn't want to block Fridah for whatever reasons. I gave him that suggestion and he denied it. So let me try talking to Fridah again, her line is 'busy' somehow. All I want is a peaceful conclusion to all this. This tussle should be a lesson to all bullies, " a friend posted.

Here are some KOT tweeps.

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