KRA offices serving taxpayers
KRA offices serving taxpayers. FILE

Kenyans will have to wait for long as the President Uhuru Kenyatta directives to Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA) remain a fairy tale. KRA says no directive has been passed, gazetted or implemented.

100% tax relief for those earning up to Ksh 24,000, Pay As you Earn (PAYE) down from 30% to 25%, 29 days ago after announcing this economic stimulus measures to caution Kenyans on the deadly virus none has been gazetted and implemented.

KRA maintains that all who will be filling returns to use the same old system and rates as none has been done to affect the President Directive.

According to KRA officials, the PAYE rate is now a just bill. The old rate will be used until the bill is passed into law. Kenyans will continue to suffer as the Government collecting full tax without waivers during the naval virus situations.

However, VAT was effected after the speech from 16 Percent to 14 Percent as directed by the President. Now Kenyans are asking, why the VAT was reduced without Parliament passing the bill but PAYE awaits the bill to be passed?

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