Angry Landlord unleash trained hunting dogs to his Tenants over disagreements

Hunting dogs unleashed by Landlord on tenant
Hunting dogs unleashed by Landlord on tenant. PHOTO | BBC

 A landlord chooses to punish his tenant over a marriage proposal. The Tenants and his father refused the Landlords' proposal after a very long time in seduction.

This ruthless incidence in Pakistan where the landlord unleashed trained hunting dogs to the woman. The dogs left the tenant in a coma. The landlord was forced by other tenants to take her to a hospital in Karachi.

Pir Buksh unleashed a pack of his dogs on Aliya Bibi. The landlord was later charged for attempting to murder despite the country facing the naval virus.

The brutal attack by the dogs left the woman with severe wounds on her neck and chest. It is alleged that he was annoyed that his proposal was rejected by the woman’s father as well.

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