Kenya parliament closed due to Coronavirus
Kenya parliament closed due to Coronavirus. PHOTO | COURTESY

Kenyans are tired of how the legislature is using the Pandemic to oppress and brand their names for 2022 purposes. As the Government tell people to stay at home, Kenyans are asking their livelihood nature. Basic needs are the core business that makes the majority of Kenyans be on the road.

The #LordsOfBetrayal don't care about the ordinary person who depends on the daily wage. Them, they are in their beautiful mansions in Runda, Karen, Kileleshwa, Loresho, Muthaiga, Mountain view, Nyali, Vipingo ridge among other places waiting for the 2020 politics while the voter is struggling with COVID19 and Hunger.

Most of our MPs are pathological liars. They'll come on Twitter and pretend to stand with Kenyans but back in parliament, they receive bribes in the Toilets. Some of the Youthful MPs haven't even cared to raise concerns about HELB repayment during this Pandemic.

There has been a lack of leadership from the MPs since the Coronavirus outbreak. Not a single initiative to cushion Kenyans; no slashing of their hefty salaries as the disease wipes out jobs and businesses. Kenyans are truly on their own.

The fact remains these are the Lords Of Betrayal and traitors, they have locked the Parliament and gone away when the nation needs the solutions to this Unprecedented Pandemic. This clearly shows Lack of Leadership in Times of Crisis.

The same lords of betrayal are donating water containers, hand sanitizers and masks branded their name for Political Mileage. It is immoral and Unethical to use this COVID-19 Pandemic for self Gain. They are still using CDF, NGAAF, County funds, Wards allocation to brand themselves.

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