Kakuyuni MCA Nixon Mramba on Gideon Saburi, Police mistreat
Kakuyuni MCA Nixon Mramba on Gideon Saburi woes. PHOTO > BMS

Kakuyuni Ward MCA Nixon Mramba says Kilifi Deputy Governor will continue serving the residents until his term ends. He vowed to help fight for him at the county assembly when the impeachment will be availed.

" We know there are some people who even killed here in this county in front of the Police Officers and they walk freely and do everything in the public and are not touched, " he said.

"Today Deputy Governor Gideon Saburi is arrested as if he was a Bandit. We know he made a mistake but I don't think he refused to take himself to the Police. Police mistreated him, I didn't like it, " Kakuyuni MCA Nixon Mramba said.

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