Passengers at JKIA moving to quarantine facilities
Passengers at JKIA moving to quarantine facilities

Kenyans in Quarantine facilities clash with Government over the manner they are being handled. Now, the people in the quarantine facilities have given an ultimatum to the government or else they forceful leave the facilities.

They said that the people visiting them have sabotaged their cry to the government.

"Every time we talk to you people, you say that you'll escalate to the bosses. The new bosses that come here, also say that they are just messengers. I think it is very fair to say that for now, take your notes now directly to the person who is supposed to release us, "

" If in 11 or 12 days you found only 1 case, that means we have been social distancing. It is very simple, authorize us and give us our letters. We get the letters today and tomorrow we are leaving, there's no other discussion," a clear frustrated resident stated.

Passengers at JKIA moving to quarantine facilities

They said that the government has broken its own rules and regulation.

"We were told we'd be here for 14 days only. We have done that. We have stayed in our rooms. We don't even get sunshine," one lady lamented.

"I will sleep at the reception because I don't want to owe anyone because the money that we were paid for will be deducted from our salaries, "

These guys here are not rich people, some of us are driving trucks out there and washing in the kitchen, but the mentality, especially the media people calling us returnees, that is not a fair definition.

Here you are treating us like criminals. So, if you choose to keep us here, I will not fight you but starting today I'll be sleeping at the reception," another guest declared.

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