COVID-19 vaccine trial in the UK. PHOTO | Reuters
COVID-19 vaccine trial in the UK. PHOTO | Reuters
The United Kingdom researchers are now targeting Kenya as the country to conclude on their naval virus research. They are now thinking to conduct coronavirus vaccine trials in Kenya where according to them the pandemic may very well be on the rise.

The Oxford University-based scientists are said to be contemplating this alternative if they don’t get quick results in the U.K trials.

“This vaccine is known to produce a strong antibody response but that doesn’t necessarily equate to protection. We are going to need many vaccines, there are dozens in development so then we will need billions of doses and expect a huge debate over which countries and which groups of people get the vaccine first,” BBC’s Medical Correspondent Fergus Walsh said.

" If we don't get quick results in the U.K then we will take the trial to Kenya because Kenyan numbers are on the rise. We believe there are more than the confirmed because of lack of testing ability and capacity., " he added.

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