Protest ongoing in the United States after President Donald Trump announced that the economy will be opened after a few weeks. 

However, multiple armed gunmen storm Michigan’s State House, State police are protecting and blocking the gunmen from gaining access to the house floor.

"If Trump loses in the fall, not only will such 'protests', involving screaming armed white men outside government buildings, become more common across the U.S., but it'll be encouraged by the (lame duck) president himself, Aljazeera reporter Mehdi Hasan said.

"The Michigan Protest is going to be the future of the Republican Party. They will become more armed, more radical, more conspiratorial, more entrenched," he added.

"Just wait until November, especially if Trump loses. People still aren't taking any of this seriously. Let's "both sides" this,"

However, others say the protest is in the form of attacks. 

"Michigan Protest heavily armed people storming a government building is an attack, not a protest. It is at the very least an act of intimidation, if not terrorism," Republican official said in a tweet.

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