Mombasa county food distribution.
Mombasa county food distribution. FILE

For Residents in Mombasa, ask yourselves why governor Ali Hassan Joho is being praised on COVID-19 while Mombasa the cases are increasing day by day? Mr Shaban Mwashumbe an activist outline the measures to be checked on.

Governor Joho is investing much on infrastructure than prevention measures like better quarantine centres and economy assistance.

The county should deploy more health workers with the inclusion of Community Health Volunteers to conduct awareness in the community towards prevention measures.

If the relief food was meant to cater for lockdown, Governor Joho should change the same priority and start thinking on more allocation on preventive measures because the relief food distribution has already failed.

People are moving out of their homes back to work because they cannot feed their families. The food distribution was meant for Muslims and very few well-connected non-Muslims. General, it was meant for Ramadan.

Mombasa county has a population of 1.2 million people. 400,000 people reside within the island.

The county is said to have approximately 500,000 people who are Muslims.

Controlling this population in a lockdown needs a lot of resources. The majority of Non-Muslims who did not get food are now on the streets looking for food.

Total lockdown in Mombasa will be chaotic. It may take an ugly way where it will be one group that has food versus another that does not have food.

One woman resorted to boiling stones because she was not a Muslim, and she missed food. How many people in Mombasa today are in the same state?

" I have listened to Governor Joho speech that some of his tough decisions on COVID-19 is based on the fact that he doesn't need votes any more because he is ending his last term, "

" He might be right or wrong, but I want to tell the Governor that his anger won't help towards reducing the graph on COVID-19 in Mombasa,"

What will help is to stop investing much in health infrastructure and deploy More health workers including the CHVs to the grassroots level to work on mitigation measures.

For example, he can establish many hospital or quarantine centres as possible, but if he doesn't invest on prevention, the quarantine and isolation centres established will be full to an extent of requesting more space in neighbouring counties.

Again those centres have a fee where people now are broke. They cannot afford to be in those centres hence stay at home and increase the infection rate.

Partnership with both Islamic, Christian, Traditional and atheist leadership will help more on sensitization rather than Islamic organizations alone.

Let him consult Kwale Governor Mvurya why he has contained COVID-19 case to 1 since then. For instance, Mvurya has worked with Plan International, World Vision, Haki Africa among other organizations in the county.

His experience gives him many skills towards planning, monitoring and evaluation as well as good mitigation measures towards any disaster.

Establishing many health infrastructures (quarantine and isolation centres) is like a carpenter who invests much in coffin making than doing much to prevent death because he/she is ignorant knowing that he is in the profit-making sector.

To save Mombasa, it needs a collective responsibility without being Bias. COVID-19 is a disease to all the people irrespective of religion. In Mombasa, it has been taken as a religious fight than a collective problem.

The curve in Mombasa will continue to rise until then when the leadership is back to their senses.

Big up to Kisauni MP Ali Mbogo who distributes food without looking at persons background or religion.

Mombasa Cement food distribution.
Mombasa Cement food distribution. FILE

Mombasa cement has also done a tremendous work on food distribution and water.

Those who were working before the disease were well off. They have saved for themselves. Now they have eaten their saving. Now they will be back to the streets looking for something else to eat. Spreading the disease further.

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