Polical analysts Edward Kisiang'ani and Prof Herman Manyora clash over the country status quo.

Prof. Manyora said that Kenya depends on two leaders which are President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Rails Odinga.

"My dear brother Prof. Manyora has today pleaded with both the President and RAO to stick together under BBI, arguing Kenya's future depends on the two leaders,"

"I disagree. Our country's future lies in the hands of all Kenyans, not individuals and not BBI.All of us," Kisiang'ani said.

What Prof. Manyora said did not go well with other Kenyans but ignited a debate.

"Someone has to lead the effort. For now, and for serious historical reasons, it’s Raila and Uhuru who can facilitate the change we need in this country," Prof. Manyora said.

"Though both the President's and RAO'S contributions to establishing a united Kenya are important, there are many diverse views on how this can be done," said Kisiang'ani.

" Nobody has monopoly over the pathway to a united Kenya. Tolerance of contrary views will give us a united Kenya,"

However, Kenyans want a leader who can listen to the common man not only to be swayed by top notch and elites.

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