Citizen TV presenter Victoria Rubadiri narrates how single mothers face. She is a single mother
Victoria Rubadiri on a talk show.

Getting early pregnancy does end the life cycle of a person but creates a beginning of wiser thoughts and brave decisions.

Citizen TV news anchor Victoria Rubadiri says he has cured of single mother stereotype. Her determination has influenced the options she made that has led to the person she is today.

“I had to let go of that tag of a typical single mom and letting go of that stereotype not for other people and society but just for me,” Victoria said during a talk with Double X Agenda.

“Never ever did I want my daughter to grow up having that same residue of my ‘mistake ‘to be put upon her. And for her to feel that I am less than or second class citizen because I come from this home or my mother is this,” she further explained.

"She’s grown-up, a child full of love because I said that’s what she is going to experience no matter what conditions were when she came in,” said Victoria

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