Jubilee party chaos now taken by women over gender rule
Jubilee Women protest over gender bias by party SG Tuju. FILE

Jubilee women legislators accuse their party's Secretary-General of selectively issuing letters to women nominated Senators who alleged to have snubbed a Parliamentary Group Meeting called at the State House.

" Why replace a woman chief-whip with a male? Is jubilee now becoming bias and oppressing female gender?"

The legislators ascertained the move as oppression after some of the senators failed to attend the meeting chaired by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

They added that the SG Raphael Tuju made it deliberately so that the President can question their moves.

"We also blame and condemn the unlawful process executed by the said Secretary-General to the Senate without due regard to the Political parties Act and the requirements of the Constitution for a fair administrative process," the women legislators said in their statement.

They also expressed their concerns on why the party's PG would imply to oust a woman chief whip and replace her with a male chief whip.

"What does this say about the treatment of women by our party?" the legislators posed.

  "We are calling our party to immediately stop the threats to our female members who have worked so hard under difficult circumstances to build the party."

The legislators expressed solidarity with Kihika and Murkomen and all nominated Jubilee Senators who have been served with "Secretaries-General to the Party's Secretary-General.

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