KCB bank halls
KCB bank halls
Kenya Commercial Bank Group is said to be using proxies to con Kenyans. There is a group of fraudsters who are collaborates with banks ex-employees and telecommunication companies ex-employee to steal from Kenyans.

KCB has been the prone bank in the hands of fraudsters and even people think some staffs collude with the fraudsters to the con games.

"A man  yesterday at around 10:30 called pretending to be a Safaricom customer care agent called me and asked for my credentials I refused to give him and he threatened to  block my sim card. A few minutes later I receive a message about Sim-swapping,”  he said.

Fraudsters have used SIM card swaps a method to do the evil act. There must be a revolution in the manners they conduct swaps.

“He told me he already had the detail and wanted my last two digits of my pin,” he said

"It is then that I saw message showing Sh 90,000 from my KCB mobile account has been  withdrawn it continued for some minutes before I got the chance to block transaction. I directed the matter to the police where I was told to wait till Tuesday next week,” the man added.

Also, the fraudster took a loan of Sh 41,700 which it will be me who will service.

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