Holywood actress Lupita Ny'ong'o endorse South African Queen of comedy Elsa.

A section of Kenyans say, the Zulu queen is not funny and does not deserve any endorsement.

"I think Kenyans are the hardest to please. See how Elsa is making South Africans laugh(Casper Nyovest) even Mexicans like Lupita, " KOT applauds.

"Wow Lupita did an amazing thing. It costs nothing to uplift someone. Elsa, on the other hand, is an example of how tables may turn just tomorrow, "

" People who never bothered her when she was broke will now notice how she never checks on them. Wivuu to. Go girl bring awards home, " KOT commends further

" ELSA Angel is one lady who has grown without the support of KOT. Her content is way too international, "

" She is even getting support from the likes of Lupita and Casper. We stan with you Queen, " her followers salutes.

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