Maina Kamanda and Dennis Wawwru arrested for poisoning people
Maina Kamanda and Dennis Waweru. FILE

Maina Kamanda and Dennis Waweru linked to poisonous food in Kiambu Kiambu.

They poisoned food in order to destroy the name of Deputy President William Ruto in Kiambu county.

Residents say they do not want those two individuals to step in that county. Police arrested suspects who were in constant communication with the two politicians.

Kikuyu Residents wants DCI to Arrest Maina Kamanda and Dennis Waweru.

Demos have been going on in Kikuyu township calling for the arrest of Maina Kamanda and former Dagoretti MP Dennis Waweru.

The two have been associated with Poisonous food donation on Sunday evening at Gikambura centre in Kikuyu.

Two suspects have been arrested following the incident. One of the suspects linked Dennis Waweru and the other linked to Maina Kamanda.

At least 12 people have been hospitalized after eating up the accused donation.

According to the suspect, the distribution was coordinated by Waweru and funded by Kamanda.

Phone record seen by police reveals the suspects were in constant communication with the former legislators.

Dennis Waweru and Maina Kamanda poisoned people

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