Matatu Owners Association in Mombasa.
Matatu Owners Association in Mombasa.
Residents in Mombasa cry out over high fares charged by matatu operators. The residents say, despite reduced oil prices, the fares are still intact.

Matatu owners association in Mombasa says the passenger numbers were cut down to eight and are unable to decrease.

Matatu owners association have defended themselves against accusations of greed over high fares.

Commuters have called out the owners and operators, saying they are bankrupting them by failing to lower their fares after a drop in fuel prices.

However, the Matatu Owners Association vividly said they cannot reduce fares in difficult economic conditions make it hard to lower fares.

“People have to understand that we are operating businesses and businesses are always affected by many market factors,” MOA Coast coordinator Salim Mbarak said.

Commuters say matatu fares have remained the same despite a significant drop in fuel prices.

“They cannot reduce the fares even if fuel is free. They do not have reduced gear. Once the fares go up they will remain up,” said Salim Nassor, a Bamburi resident.

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