Nyali MP Mohammed Ali accuses Governor Joho over testing treats says he has no powers

Mombasa Goivernor Hassan Joho with Nyali MP Mohammed Ali
Mombasa Goivernor Hassan Joho with Nyali MP Mohammed Ali. FILE
Nyali MP Mohammed Ali accuses the Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho of threatening residents for forced tests at the old town.

The Governor said that the old-town residents will be tested forcefully because they have failed to present themselves.

Nyali MP added that several residents in the county had avoided the exercise because they were scared that if they turned out positive, they would have to foot their medical bills.

"I have seen videos of some leaders threatening Kenyans that they must partake tests, "

"  Let me say this, we are politicians but when it comes to health issues, let us not bring politics into it,

"We shall do politics when the time comes, right now, Kenyans should work in harmony,

"Although Mombasa is releasing more Coronavirus positive cases, it is not justified for leaders to threaten Kenyans. We need to look for a solution as leaders and let the ministry do its job," stated Ali.

"Second, people fear to partake in the test because they will be told to foot the bills once they test positive, "

" Who do you think will turn up for the test if they have to foot the bill on their own?" he wondered.

He further poked holes in the governor's Ksh700 million kitty allegedly allocated as part of the Covid-19 response.

"If there is that Ksh700 million, why should people be forced to foot their bills? Let us not threaten Kenyans," he added.

Addressing the media on Saturday, Joho grumbled the imams for encouraging people to go to mosques during this Ramadhan period while going against the government directive of social distancing.

"Hizi ndizo fitina hatutaki. You are opening the mosque, then allowing people to sneak in. When the police come, you start talking badly," he said.

"Where is your mind, what kind of laziness is this?"

What kind of laziness is this. You get to social media and oppose everything. You are not protecting me my friend, "

" I  have my mask, I have my gloves. Everybody talks of being tested and you don't want to be tested? Stop joking, stop excuses!," he said.

Governor Joho said out of 28,000 people in old town only 130 people have been tested since they begun the drive.

"...we have already buried six people from old town and yet you have time to argue. What is wrong with you? Use your common sense ..stop joking with lives."

County commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo said those found opening the mosques will be arrested and taken to court in addition to quarantine.

"This is the epicentre of coronavirus. Please let us follow the rules. We will monitor those who come for mass testing. If they are less, we will close old town and force you to do mass testing," he said.

"There are people who do not care, it is not Malaria or cholera that we are used to, this is another disease."

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