Mahiga homes directors ran from another company.
Mahiga Homes LTD with incomplete houses since 2015.

Just a few months ago where several property investors were conned Billions of Shillings, another scam has emerged.

Real Estate developers Mahiga Homes has conned Billions from Kenyan investors by promising good houses only to provide few houses which are substandard while others collapse on the way.

Most of the investors who invested in 2015 and 2016 who were promised houses in six months time are up to date still waiting for their houses.

The majority of the houses to be constructed range from Sh 2-3 Million as promised.

The company has not only accused the of delaying the issuance of title deeds but also using the unverified land piece to develop their houses.

Mahiga homes Cornerstone residents in Kamunyu wallowing in sewerage because of lack of sewer systems. While some houses collapsed as the majority of them are unfinished. The people are exposed to diseases due to poor sewage system in the area.

The Directors behind Mahiga Homes Patrick Muchoki, Joseph Ruhiu and Gladys Chania, Bana News has learnt that they were at once Directors at the now defunct Mashariki Developers alongside the owner of Belasi Developments the infamous Martin Mwangi and Andrew Kamau.

Kenyans have urged the Kenyan detectives to unearth the conning games at Mahiga Homes and should be held responsible for giving false information to the public yet they don't deliver on the ground.

"Pay 5 million and your house will be ready in a few months. 4-5 years later the house is nowhere to be seen, " an investor said.

" We should not rely on false promises and later on invest our funds on such firms to be disappointed later on with excuses of not having what you expected, " an investor in the Ponzi scheme urged Kenyans.

There some projects which were initiated in 2016 and they still in a standstill.

Mahiga homes is a scam and any investor should run from it
Mahiga Homes incomplete houses

"What is really going on at Mahiga Homes Kitengela Acacia project? Investors paid their money why is it taking longer to complete the project, " an investor asked.

The government needs to regulate the real estate business before many Kenya wallow in poverty after taking loans to buy a non-existing property.


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  1. OMG. Kenyans we are used to being conned economically and politically. Like Uhuruto conned its followers is the same as home buyers have been conned. Who has not conned Kenyan potential home buyer? It is Mahiga Homes? Or it is Muyaya Group? Not only these but many. Currently there are many pseudo low cost housing comapnies collecting down paymenys around the country. Kenyans Be Ware. If someone is in business, let them build the houses with own money and buy finished houses. Cheapt is extremely expensive. In the Political arena, while Uhuruto voters are complaining of a raw deal, Nasa supporters are just there. Theyexpected nothing because they were robbed. Some misguided WSAR axis of JP are telling Kenyans the most ignarant lie that where Uhuruto failed, WSAR is the true solution. Bure Kabisa. Kenyans let us avoid beeing conned even with open eyes. Both socially, economically and politically. Resit, Be analytical. Ask questions and if you don't get reliable answers, RUN AWAY & VERY FAST.


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