Kalembe Ndile family and his wife and kids, Kalembe Ndile photos in parliament and videos
Former mp Kalembe Ndile in a past interview. PHOTO | BMS

Kenya has more problems associated with Corruption. Associating development with money laundering and kickbacks has rendered this country with a bad economy.

Former Kibwezi Mp Kalembe Ndile says Kenya has three major challenges. The challenges are Elections, Corruption, and Raila Odinga.

" We have problems in Kenya associated with Elections, Raila Odinga, and Corruption. If Kenya will be able to get rid of these challenges then we could be far better in the economy, " Kalembe said.

Mr. Kalembe gave his accounts on election petitions that have rocked the country. He also talked about the increased number of protests that have rocked this country from 2007.

" There have been so many election petitions. Meaning there is a problem with the electoral system. People go to court because they are not satisfied, " he added.

"The other day the electoral commission uploaded fake data concerning the 2017 elections. That means there is a lot of problems in the electoral commission than before. How can you have three years of analyzing data, changing it, and verifying it then go ahead and upload nonsense on the portal?" he said.

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