Claud Anta Mwazala released Voi OCS summoned.
Lawyer Micar Mwazighe office. FILE

The Voi mechanic that was arrested by Police for not wearing a mask at a garage then pressed attempted rape charges has been released.

Claud Anta Mwazala the guy who was brutally assaulted by the police while doing his welding in a garage for failing to put on his mark has been released after being arraigned in Court at Voi.

He was arrested on Saturday and arraigned in court today. Voi town lawyer Micar Mwazighe took up the matter and offered free legal representation.

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" When he was arrested he was taken to Voi Police station where the police mercilessly and inhumanly kept landing him heavy blows now and then. He was told he is facing charges for attempted rape, " the lawyer said.

However, according to the Lawyer, his family members could not resist but had to share the story with social media for assistance.

" When family members came he told them the story and it was shared to social media. He was not taken to court yesterday as the law provides. When the brother went back yesterday he was told since the matter is on social media he will be taken to court today, " the lawyer added.

"Today he was in court facing 3 counts. 2 for assault and 1 for failing to wear a face mask. He has been realised on reasonable bail terms, "

After the matter was released to the media, the police were forced to change the charge sheet.

" The OCS Voi Police Station has been summoned to appear in person to court tomorrow to explain why Claud was not arraigned in court yesterday, " the lawyer stated.

" This guy is actually limping. One of his friend working at the garage who was wearing a mask received some blows from the police too. He is more than ready to be a witness. I will take a different approach in this matter until justice will be manifestly seen to be done, " the lawyer added.

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