Why DP Ruto sidelined by jubilee? Uhuru and Ruto relationship at stake
DP Ruto in a past rally event. FILE

Jubilee wrangles continue as members say the Jubilee party has reached its end.

According to speculations and past statements, Deputy President knew what was coming.

" I'm well prepared. I know what is coming unless they kill me, " said DP William Ruto at the late Sgt Kenei burial.

"Ruto believes he is self-made which I give up to him, unfortunately, he overtrusts his ability, " Samson Cherargei said.

"He disconnected the important contacts that right now would have been helpful, Isaac Ruto, Sally Kosgei’s, Franklin Bett, Henry Kosgey among others. He is under siege, " he added.

"End times in Jubilee? I think kimeeleweka…what we are seeing is house cleaning, " Mp Ngunjiri Wambugu.

"What the President is doing is he is actually cleaning his house, he is the party leader; Jubilee has to align everything it does to his agenda…” Ngunjiri Wambugu, Nyeri Town MP added.

“Most of us believe that as we move forward as a country, we need political parties that are institutions and not individual-based,” he added Samson Cherargei.

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