Christiano Ronaldo photos and pictures of his billions and skills on the football pitch
Christiano Ronaldo(CR7) with his girlfriend. PHOTO | GOAL

Christiano Ronaldo becomes the first-ever football sport Billionaire in the world,but behind Roger Federer from Tennis.

Business magazine Forbes said the Juventus superstar overtook his rival Lionel Messi to regain the crown as football’s highest-paid player last week.

In terms of Social Media, Christiano Ronaldo(CR7)n is the most followed on Instagram and Facebook. He has won deals worthy Millions on social media.

“Ronaldo, the first to do it in a team sport, has made Sh69 billion ($650 million) during his 17 years on the pitch and is expected to reach Sh81 billion ($765 million) in career salary after his current Juve contract ends in June 2022. Messi, who began playing at the senior level three years after Ronaldo, has earned a total of Sh64 billion ($605 million) in salary since 2005,” reported Forbes.

The Portugal born legend is one of the most popular athletes on Facebook with over 122 million likes and earned at least Sh5 billion ($47.8 million) from paid Instagram posts making him the platform’s highest earner.

Ronaldo is also not only the most-followed athlete on Instagram, he became the first person on social media to reach 200 million followers on the platform in January. Currently, he has 222 million fans and follows 449 people.

Christiano Ronald top list in the most paid athletes

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