Ganze constituency needs an inventor, not a popularist
Mariakani-Bamba road, Distance 51 KM, whi constructed it and what cost
Mariakani-Bamba tarmac aerial view. FILE

Political battle witnessed in Ganze constituency from the brothers is overwhelming despite the constituency rated among the poorest in the country.

The main reasons why the constituency lacks behind is political witch-hunting that comes immediately after a legislator is sworn in.

Despite Ganze being in the government for long during the Katana Ngala reign, it is the only constituency in Kilifi county with less than 50KM of tarmac.

From Mariakani to Bamba is 51 KM where the constituency has less than half of the road the other part belongs to Kaloleni constituency.

According to Joseph Masha, who works under the controller of budget says Ganze has very many learned people who reside outside the constituency.

He says the business people from the area should put their home as a priority. 

However, he slammed the previous leadership where people focused on politics than developments. 

" Ganze need only two things; Agriculture and Education. Infrastructure comes out natural where many will need it, " he said.

The difference between the other constituencies is that they have grasped the need to be known due to pressure from outsiders. 

People need to be taught how to do farming, being economical stable from the farming that is Domestic crop husbandry and Agribusiness.

There is enough land. The Kilifi county bought almost 7 Riggs which by 2022 more than 400 boreholes could be up and running in the county.

One rig can drill up to two boreholes in a month. Embracing agriculture is the only backbone to success in the country. 

With 10 well structured solar-powered boreholes, instead of people scramble for Galana River they could be at their homes and respective jurisdictions doing farming.

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