The rift between the Kitui MCAs and their governor has now taken an impeachment wing. 

More than half of Kitui MCAs are contemplating the removal of the Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu.

The endless love-hate connection between Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu and MCAs has led to a reaction that is likely to end in Ngilu's impeachment as early as next week.

The MCAs agenda to debate and pass a motion of impeachment against Ngilu for an apparent underperformance, failure to initiate tangible development and breach of the Constitution.

 “So far, 40 out of the 56 members have signed to support the motion to impeach the governor as she has failed in her mandate to the people of Kitui,” Mivukoni MCA Boniface Kilaa Kasina said on Thursday. 

Mr Kasina, who is the chairman of the county assembly's Budget and Appropriations Committee, said the requisite number of MCAs required to support the motion was only 36.

Although he did not disclose the mover of the motion, Kasina said with the overwhelming support, "it is obvious the governor will be sent packing".

He spoke after a meeting between Ngilu and Boda-boda operators in Kitui town in which she appealed to them to frustrate the planned impeachment. 

But Ngilu said the ward reps wanted to impeach her despite initiating a number of life-changing projects that had given many residents a lifeline and steady source of income like the county textile factory Kicotec.

The meeting took place a day after her Narc party national chairman Miltonic Mwendwa Kimanzi called a press conference in Kitui on Monday and urged Uhuru to dissolve the county government. 

But county assembly Majority Whip Stephen Musili said MCAs would not be frightened by the "futile calls to dissolve the county government or the hollow threats to recall them to back out of the plan".

He said the strategy by Ngilu and her cronies were kicks of a dying horse as most MCAs had made up their minds to impeach the governor.

 “The horse has already left and there is no turning back on the plan to impeach her,” the Kyuso representative said.

“We have no option but to impeach the governor. For the over two years she has been at the helm, she has failed to implement tangible development projects for which the voter elected us. We would rather get her out so that our county can develop,” he said. 

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