Mombasa protest due to food distribution in Mombasa
Changamwe and Kibarani protesters barricade the highway. PHOTO | BMS

Biasness in relief food distribution has led to Bahati, Kibarani, Changamwe residents demonstrations. They are burning tyres for their plea to be heard.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho is accused of using proxies to distribute food to Muslims as a gift of Ramadhan and well-connected people and relatives.

The door to door food distribution protests after allegations that the village elders were biased in the registration exercise. Some village elders blocked some people from registering citing that the food was meant for Muslims during Ramadhan and their relatives.

 Mombasa county however set aside Sh 200 Million but with a budget of Sh 700 Million that was to be sourced from well-wishers and county partners.

Village elders were tasked to write down the names of the beneficiaries in the county. Latest reports from the residents of the villages in Likoni, Changamwe, Kisauni, Kongowea, Bamburi, Mishomoroni and Kadzandani indicate that the village elders and administrators had listed their relatives and majority Muslims leaving the needy without help.

The food distribution comes after a family was exposed by Tuko media boiling stones as the village elder refused to write her name because the mother was not a Muslim.

" How can a landlord get relief food while the tenant misses the food? The landlord has several houses, collects rent and is getting relief food while the tenant whose businesses were closed is not getting food just because he or she is  not a Muslim, "

"This must stop. We need to stay in harmony, not religious division propelled by the leaders especially the governor Hassan Joho. Mombasa is a metropolitan with all religions, " a protestor shouted.

Other areas in Mombasa also went through the same treatment from the county chiefs and local administrators.

" I went to a village administrator in Bamburi to list my name on behalf of my family. I was told that the list is full and was not able to add more names. Later I had from the neighbours that the administrator has listed his relatives who went home(Rural), " Racheal Nasimiyu a resident at Bamburi said.

" I have been in the village for over ten years. Only matters like Nets distribution, Vaccine, elections, Filariasis distribution and Census reached to all people in Mombasa but matters to do with relief food, basic needs does not reach the majority but only those who have relatives in the administration, she added.

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