Girlfriend on a lorry to boyfriends house
Girlfriend traveling with a lorry to his boyfriends place. FILE

A man in Juja faints after a friend sent him a photo of his girlfriend on the back of a lorry. He had sent some fare to spend a night back in Juja.

The man who had sent the girlfriend ksh 1000 fare, says he is disappointed since the girlfriend lied to him that she had boarded an uber.

The man was admitted at a nearby hospital for hours before released.  At home, he expressed his doubts since the Lady had a diesel-smoke smell on her trouser. 

The Lady explained that the smell was as a result of a perfume she received from her father who is an oil engineer and a darling of diesel and petrol.

She later confessed and vowed never to apply the diesel flavoured perfume again.

He now urges the government to add a law on BBI whereby "eating fare" or asking more fare should be considered theft

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