Somali national Shukri Abdi murders under investigation

Shukri Abdi was just 12 years old when her racist classmates drowned her. They said she had to cool herself because Somali, her native country was hotter.

She was bullied multiple times and her school didn’t do anything about it.

Now the same kids that murdered her are living unpunished

Human rights activists have resorted to filing a petition for the matter to be investigated.

The petition is for an independent investigation into the bullying policy at Hazel Wood High School (formerly Broadoak Sports College) in the United Kingdom for Shukri Abdi

12-year-old refugee Shukri Abdi was drowned in a river by her classmates who were her agemates.

The police refused to investigate, ruling her death as “non-suspicious” despite there being evidence of foul play (bite marks on her body).

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