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A Kenya Defense Forces(KDF) officer moves to court after losing Ksh 317,000 to a network marketing firm Aim global. The KDF officer was promised to double his cash by buying several accounts that will make him richer.

However, all did not go well after six months of no fruits. The guys who introduced him to the network marketing were nowhere to be seen. The officer confirmed receipt of the transaction from the main office in Nairobi.

He also followed up the matter with some detectives and to found out the authenticity of the transaction and everything was quite formal.

The officer has now moved to Milimani court to seek a refund from the Aim global and after six months after registration. The officer has also warned Kenyans against joining such network marketing agencies as they may be vulnerable to Ponzi schemes.

Some Kenyans who have been through such scams shared their experience after the officer moved to court.

" Someone tells you that you need to be a millionaire but when you look at them, you wonder why those millions haven't helped them to improve their lives, " Jeremy Kamburi

" 5 yrs ago they told my friend the way that job is well paying and coz he is staying Eastlands after 3 months he will be moving to upper-end Westlands or Lavington...the guy re-signed after those three months he was house less with nowhere to go ....he learned the hard way," Christine Kakayi.

" If you happened to have been in Nairobi and you have never been to such kind of interviews i.e Tiens, Aim global or even insurance company then you don't know the meaning of "struggle is real". For me I have tried both sometime back 2017, fortunately, I was unable to raise the required registration fee and all I can say is "They are all scammers targeting the young vulnerable unemployed youths, " Kiprui Lenn

" Once went to a TIENS meeting in Westlands. What hurts me is waking up at 5 am so that I make it to the 'interview' by 8 since the guy who 'recruited' me had said that the company needed a communication officer and my interview was scheduled for 8 am. Only to be told to buy an account to invest, " John Thuo.

" Aim global is a joke. They advertise jobs which in a real sense, they're nowhere to be found. The question is, who is behind all these? Because they have been messing up with many Kenyan especially at tertiary level. Some had to call off their semesters after been conned, " John Gikonyo.

Simon Kipng'eno Sang says, "Some came to Kericho in 2017, gathered us in a restaurant and blah blah blah went on. Gullible Kenyans were told how they will become millionaires in a couple of months. Travel to foreign countries and stay in expensive hotels... One approached me and narrated how she has been to Zanzibar but I told them, have been to many countries in Europe and Africa but without Global. I have never lent my ear to such a scam... Beware!!"

Kennedy M Muyela says, " Hahaha GNLD after hearing inspiration from one of the CEO at bomas how he drives heavy machines and flies out at will I felt that this is the opportunity I was waiting for and 3k registration and recruiting others stood between me and my dreams. But nikiangalia jamaa anaongea mdomo imekauka mbaya there's no even lunch that was a red flag but I ignored. After the meeting, we registered and promised to pay in the next meeting. Tukaondoka kwenda stage ya bomas to town, it started drizzling and in my mind was how that young man was feeling in his heavy-duty machine. Kufika stage gari ni 50 town we waited for a cheaper option. Ikakuja ile msamaria mwema ya 30 Bob bomas yote karibu ingie it was chaos. After managing to squeeze in jamaa akanikanyanga na shoes ya sole ya sandak kuangalia ni nani He was my C.E.O With his ekukude suit and another lady. Nguvu iliniisha but I saved my 3k, "

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