ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi photos, Speeches and videos about Kenya
ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi at a past interview. PHOTO | NMG

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi says the country now needs liberators from the political oppression.

Mudavadi says the problem lies with the Kenyans who think their oppressors will avail them out of the bondage.

He added that political class to be effective desire goodwill. Kenya needs people who are serving the people but not working for the people.

Workers require wages whether in good or in calamity while servants serve despite social or economical class. 

" Kenya needs a nationalist leadership. A leader who can distribute and steer development in all areas. The Public service workforce should be equally distributed. In Kenya we have communities who do not have even a single public servant, " he said.

The ANC boss added that for the country to progress, leaders must have a progressive idea but not dealing with what to be done to get re-elected.

57 years of Independence yet the country grills in abject poverty. Less than 5 perper cent Kenyans live above the comfort standard and can earn above $100 a day.  While the majority in Kenya live below $1 a day.

Unemployment in Kenya is another thorny factor with hundreds of graduates on the streets with nothing to show. 

Education is the Key but for some Kenyans, it has impoverished them. Some sold land, little properties and even take all their savings to take their children to school only for the children to be rendered unemployed.

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