Prostitution app developed in Mombasa harmonizing cost and time spent
Mombasa prostitution app adjust cost and time of providing the service
Mombasa body businesswomen online. FILE

Prostitution in Mombasa has moved a notch higher after some innovators came up with an application to locate cottages and homes where they reside (location of the business), time and cost.

Kitsao Juma and Geoffrey Mwangi came up with the Yote app say it will reduce women being on the road looking for the next catch.

The app is said to be in beta stages. The application will give the customer name of the prostitute, cost of the act and period through synchronization technique.

The application has copied how Uber works.

When two people(Customer and the Prostitute) meet and both mobile phones with a location on. It will synchronize the location of the two people and start counting the cost of the action in Seconds.

 The businesswomen must agree on the cost of the service per minute before it's deployed for public usage. 

However, the application has its shortcomings. The security of the businesswomen has not been dealt with in full.

The developers said the app is not yet being distributed on play store but it will be availed soon when the final touches complete.


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