North-Eastern leaders led by Senator Mohammed Yusuf Haji backs Aden Duale, Photos, Images and Videos
North-Eastern leaders led by Senator Yusuf Haji backs Aden Duale. FILE

North-Eastern region politicians back up Majority Leader Aden Duale saying he is not going anywhere other than the National Assembly seat.

Led by Garissa Senator Yusuf Haji, more than 80 MCAs, all Governors, Senators, Women Reps and Legislators threw their weight behind Aden Duale.

Senator Haji allege the move by Kieni MP Kanini Kega is selfish.

" For the first time, all the leaders have spoken with one voice from North-Eastern including those elected on independent tickets, " Senator Haji said.

" Our mission is to make sure our brother Aden Duale retains his parliament seat. There is a lot we have benefitted from him and we will relentlessly fight him, "

"We urge the President to help us in this. We have been loyal to him all that time. We will continue to be with him, " he added.

The National Assembly Standing Order 19 is clear on the process for removal of a Majority Leader which is by a majority of votes of all members of the Majority Party in a Parliamentary Group chaired by the Party Leader and the decision thereafter is communicated by the Majority Whip to the Speaker.

“There is no place for collection of signatures. In any case, the process was already completed Tuesday in the Parliamentary Group chaired by the President to which Kanini Kega also attended,” he said.

" What the Kieni lawmaker is doing is to lie to his colleagues through unknown procedures that he can still have a say in the removal process when he is just playing his usual extortion game, "

“I am also aware that Kega may be also shedding tears of loss and nursing a disappointment having believed in his mind that he was to be the next Majority Leader, " he stated.

On Tuesday, Jubilee Parliamentary Group meeting however made his dreams end in a bang,” Duale said.

“Kega, please note that being a Leader of Majority is not as easy as ABCD,” he fired back.

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