Citizen TV Maria actress Yasmin Said alias Maria says she is tired of creating Instagram accounts.

She that the first was hacked with many followers more than 500K. She created a second one and later hacked at 200K followers and now there is a new account with 9K followers.

She added that when the third account is hacked. It will be the end of being on Instagram.

" I'm tired of creating accounts then hacked again and again before opening a new one, " she said.

 "My first account on Instagram was hacked. I created another one and it was hacked too! I went for a break on IG. Huyo ako na masters. Namheshimu. Alifanya kazi safi. Najua anacheka tu akiniona. I can't retrieve the account. I have a new one now and it has over 9,000 followers," Maria wrote.

Citizen TV actor Maria Instagram account original

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