Hit them hard video of John Pombe Magufuli in Tanzania News today and Photos
Tanzania President Pombe Magufuli. File

Imported produce in Kenya has been very expensive from Tanzania. The price of Onions, Potatoes and some cereals has increased.

Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli says that nations that enforced lockdowns are been faced by lack of food and that Tanzania businessmen should sell their produce to them at a high cost. 

"Hit them the most," he says.

Kenya and Uganda are among the countries that had partial lockdowns.  

President John Pombe Magufuli says they knew they will run out of food and there is plenty of it Tanzania.

" Hit them hard when they come for food, " he said.

The cost of Onions in Kenya has tripled due to the announcement. A crate of Onions it's price increased from Ksh 700 to Ksh 2000. 

The "hit hard" statement has been taken exactly by the Tanzanian farmers and the businessmen.

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