Mombasa Arab Association of Kenya (AWAKE) members photos
Mombasa, Arab Association of Kenya (AWAKE) members photo. FILE

Mombasa ready for a re-colonization. The new move by Arabs in Mombasa to recolonize Mombasa has taken centre stage.

Mombasa Arab tycoons are grouping with proxies from Dubai, Qatar, Yemen, UAE and Saudia Arabia sieze the city activities and opportunities.

According to sources, the agents are funding the Arab organisation in Mombasa to control the Politics and economy of Kenyas' second City.

Arabs Welfare Association of Kenya(AWAKE) has been soliciting for funds and through Gulf Bank, they have have been sponsoring, influencing more and more Arabs in Mombasa.

Unmasking the plan, our sources indicate that Mvita MP Abdulswamad Nassir, Tourism CS Najib Balala and Mombasa tycoon Suleiman Shahbaal have been in secret meetings with the AWAKE officials to harmonize over the gubernatorial seat.

Already Billions of shillings have been budgeted for the process. However,   the group admit that there is still a threat from some Mijikenda elites.

Some of the local elites that the group considers as a threat when they re-group include former Mombasa county secretary Francis Thoya, Former aspirant Annannia Mwasambu Mwaboza, Kisauni MP Ali Mbogo, Deputy Governor William Kingi, Joab Tumbo, Dennis Lewa among others.

The Arabs consider Mombasa as a leisure and business destination.

The group has included elite Arab tycoons in Mombasa.  The tycoons have businesses in Mombasa and middle east.


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  1. The Kisii, Luo, Kikuyu, Wajomvu, Kamba, Luhya, Wachangamwe have their associations what is scaring you about the Arabs? Bloody hell

  2. Wacha urongo very cheap article look for real sources and research well before writing nonsense.

  3. Why dont you write about your father Odinga the one who is raping your tribe well for 24 years now. I am sure you have ample material on all the positions he likes! Stupid if the arabs have actually done that then it is their right! Just like the luo the kikuyu etc. Very very stupid mentality! Cheap politics no wonder one person is controlling the whole your region!

  4. So what you are saying is that you guys have started shitting in your pants 🤪. Wow that is gross.


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