[EXCLUSIVE] Edgar Obare exposee on Natalie Tewa cosy trip to Dubai with Joho and Junet fires the internet
Natalie Tewa exposed as a Hassan Joho side chick photos

Blogger Edgar Obare exposes Natalie Tewa on her cosy trip to Dubai in a private jet with Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and Suna East MP Junet Mohammed.

Natalie Tewa, real name Wanjiru Githinji tried to trick the online gossippers for giving her bag to the Jet crew after a series of tweets to MP Junet that asked him to reveal the owner.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho new catch Natalie Tewa fires the internet for the exclusive trip to Dubai to see ODM leader Raila Odinga.

KOT noticed after a Photo with Governor Joho and MP Junet a handbag that raised online temperatures on the political arena.

After a series of investigation from Edgar Obare, he reveals the truth.

" No man is perfect in everything. She left the handbag by mistake before taking the photo. Then after a series of tweets, they were forced to reveal the owner of the purse, "

" However, playing with psychology,  they had to give it to the crew. But footprints are everywhere, " he posted.

"Any travels by any public official using public funds, Kenyans have a right to know who travels in the Jet, the costs and even benefits. The expose by Edgar Obare that our taxes funded Ms Natalie Tewa to Dubai is in the interest of the public. That shows how Kenyan taxes are used. To foot bills of slay queens, " Raymond Matata posted.

Natalie Tewa exposed as a Hassan Joho side chick photos

" The leaking of Natalie Tewa’s visa to the UAE is the highest form of invasion of privacy. Edgar Obare’s homemade paparazzi have crossed a line. I hope the person behind it gets fired, " he added.

" Edgar Obare is walking a tight rope. Exposing Jalas, Ben Kitili and the Boys Club is one thing and exposing political elite is something else. One day he will be found at Ngong forest dead. The political class in Kenya is a no go zone, " Kalamzinga posted.

" Kenyans must apologize to Betty Kyalo for linking the handbag on the plane to her. "

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